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Degrassi RPG

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April 19th ]

this community is closed, im sick of trying to get people to update, find a new community to get kicked out of!!!
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April 17th ]

((hey, i need everyone to post before april 25th or im going to start cutting, this includes myself, so please update!! also, i need everyone to get an AIM screen name OTHER then ur personal ones, because i'd like to have everyones character name in there somewhere, its just easier, so get that done as well! thanks!))
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April 9th ]

new member!!

AIM: omgliketotallyx

add her!
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April 8th ]

((hey! if everyone could invite their friends and such to the community, that would be great! seeing the fact that if i advertize anymore i will be banned from livejournal...i got an e-mail about it...it was so stupid! anyways, and if everyone could have a post up by April 10th, that would be cool also. Paige i am counting on u for u to advertize and such, because u r a mod..thanks


oh yeah, by the way, my account for this community is greenpeace_em1, so please dont comment on this account (xxemmanelsonxx) because it is in another community...and u all probably wouldnt know what i was talking about...thanks!!))
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April 6th ]

((please JOIN the community before posting, all who i said yes to, please join, or i will cut u, thanks))
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April 6th ]

((i just re-opened my community!! yay for me...comment here with ur applications, and make sure to read the rules before applying, most likely i will be nice and give it to u, under one circumstance...that u follow the rules!! thanks...any questions or comments, my AIM name is listed, as well as my journal name, i also participate in another RPG with the name of xxemmanelsonxx, so u can reach me there, if u absolutly need to..thanks,and invite ur friends!!

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